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Robert's Profile



Class Year:2020
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:No Preference
School:Augustana College
Intended Major:Social Sciences
Hometown:Johnsburg, IL

Planned Activities

Student Government, Other Student Organizations


my favorite musicians/bands: really anything along the lines of alternative indie pop glam rock (that's a lot of words but ok yeah)
my favorite movies: i think the last movie i watched is on VHS
my favorite tv shows: i don't have netflix and i suffer
my favorite sports teams: ball goal points yay
my favorite musical: pippin
my favorite color: like windows 98 green
my favorite democratic socialist: bernie sanders
my favorite animal: cats and bunnies and baby chicks and fishies

other things i like: politics, naps, ranting about social justice, boys, music, nice things, surprises, the color black, darkness, night walks, fall, spring, sweaters, long peaceful showers, sleeping, laying down in front of the heater, eggs, small towns, sour gummi worms, fun socks, napping


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