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Roomsurf testimonials and reviews

We survived! Couldn't have survived this year without this girl. Thank the Lawd for roomsurf

I don't think Roomsurf could have found me a better roommate! #cantwait hshine227

Thank god for @roomsurf made me meet my perfect room mate

If you're going to go the random roommate route I really suggest going on roomsurf because trust me its not worth it to go in blind

“Hey! Just wanted to say y’all are great! This is such an awesome site and well worth waiting for! Keep up the good work and thanks... we all appreciate it!”

Alecia J. Florida State University
I highly recommend that anyone going to college this year who is looking for a roommate tries this.

I'm closer to girls I met through roomsurf than I am with most ppl at my school is that weird?

Roomsurf is WAYYY too addicting

#HowIMetMyBestfriend Roomsurf you daaa bomb

If you guys are looking for roommates in college go to seriously best site ever!” #sp

Officially rooming with @tracylenhard next year🐸💜 YAYAY! Thanks roomsurf for matching me w/ basically my twin and not a freak! Love you

Who knew roomsurf could be used to find friends too

@gabyguerraaaa just professed how much she loves having me as a roomie SuccessStory

@rachelsharp0130 is an awesome website to find roommates for college!! I've already found some amazing girls to room with :)

@Cath_Ouellette 😘 yay! my true love! I suppose those online matching sites do work hahah 😂 #roomsurf #lovers

Thank god for roomsurf #collegemadesimpler

Everyone should definitely do this, whether you're a boy or girl, #roomsurf is amazing.

Roomsurf is the best invention ever

If you are ever looking for a roommate, seriously use roomsurf. it's the BEST and found me a twin for a roommate ☺ @megsaugusta11

Happy 21st birthday to my best friend @JuliaMasera! RoomSurf was our fate, now were stuck together forever. ILOVEU

@lilkbasedgod filled out my housing app and requested a roommate! thank you so much @Roomsurf she's the coolest girl! #umaine