Roomsurf Testimonials

Farrin M.
someone please name a more iconic roomie duo, I dare you. Talk about an eharmony success story!!! shoutout to @roomsurf
Jarred R.
1 semester in and the one thing I've learned for sure is that roomsurf did not let me down
Mary Gray C.
Roomsurf knows what they're doing! From freshmen year roomies to weddings -- #blessed to have found my bestie.
Emily M.
S/O to cuz you're the best
Kristin L.
life wouldn't be the same without my kooky other half!! #RoomSurf4ever
Karly W.
May couch 1109E live on forever #WeMetOnline #Roomsurf
Your turn! Time to sign up :) Your turn!
Lee Ann R.
hey online dating does work out sometimes #roomsurf
Sierra M.
Thx @roomsurf for helping me find my other half
Zech W.
Thanks Roomsurf!
Kristen M.
friendship brought to you by @roomsurf
Rileigh C.
Thanks Roomsurf!
Casson K.
love you so much
Brittany D.
year two of being blessed that roomsurf brought us together!
Tom Z.
Thanks Roomsurf!
Daniela D.
two peas in a pod
Taylor F.
My day 1 homie, my best friend, my forever roomie. #RoomsurfSuccessStories
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