About Roomsurf.com

Roomsurf is a social networking resource that helps high school and college students identify and connect with compatible roommates.

Roomsurf is not affiliated with any particular college or university, but rather is an independent resource for students looking for roommates at their particular university.

Our technology takes the guesswork out of finding your college roommate, allowing you to spend more time getting to know good matches and less time searching for them.

We strive to provide a resource that is beneficial to students, parents, and college housing departments. Empowering students to choose their own roommates increases student and parent well-being, reduces room changes and transfer rates, and improves academic performance.

Note: The majority of colleges and universities in the United States allow students to request a roommate. In most cases these institutions do their best to honor mutual requests but can make no guarantees that you will be placed together for on-campus housing. Please contact your institution’s residence life office for details on their roommate policy and deadline to submit a request.