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Frequently Asked Questions about Roomsurf

How Do I Sign up?

Click "Get Started Here" and login with your Facebook credentials. This is also how to log in each visit.

We chose Facebook Connect because it simplified the registration and login process. You don't need to create a new username and password, and by default we use your Facebook picture as your Roomsurf picture when you register. You can change this any time by clicking "Edit your Profile" on your Dashboard.

We're working on a new version of Roomsurf that has additional registration options, and while we will get it launched as soon as we can, unfortunately it won't be ready until summer. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this issue and others as we work to improve the site and service!

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Who started Roomsurf?

RoomSurf was created by two University of Miami alumni, Justin Gaither and Dan Thibodeau.

After months of research and development, our company was officially formed in 2009, and Roomsurf was finally launched in February 2010. Since then, more than 700,000 students at over 1000 colleges and universities have signed up!

We also consulted with over fifty students to help us develop the application and used feedback from 1000 students so that the common student will find it useful. Each year we take suggestions and improve Roomsurf to constantly improve the site.

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Who can use Roomsurf?

High school seniors, college students, and graduates school students can use Roomsurf.

If you need to find a compatible roommate for on-campus housing, or need to fill an extra room for your place off-campus, you should try Roomsurf to identify compatible roommates.

The vast majority of Roomsurf users are incoming college freshmen, though we do have some transfer students and others looking to live off campus. You can use the Advanced Search options on the Matches page to filter your matches to best suit your needs.

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Why should I use Roomsurf?

High school seniors that are going off to their first year of college should use Roomsurf if they do not want to get stuck with a roommate that they will not enjoy living with. The majority of colleges allow students to mutually request each other as roommates. More than 700,000 students have used Roomsurf since 2010. So why leave it to chance?

Roomsurf also makes the process of identifying compatible roommates easier by immediately calculating your matches based on your survey results.

We match you with everyone of the same gender on your network, and encourage you to talk with many different people before deciding to room with someone.

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What is a Video Profile? How can I create one?

The Video Profile is an opportunity to really shed light on your personality, and the essence of you in a video. This gives other students a better feel for you as a person, and is much better than a text profile and looking at a photo.

All you need is a YouTube account, a video or web camera, and a little dose of personality.

Watch how to upload your video profile here: How to Make a Video Profile

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I found someone I am interested in living with, now what?

The next step is to just let them know! Send them a message through Roomsurf, add them as a Favorite, or contact them on Facebook. If your potential roommate(s) agree to live with you, the next step is to find out how your school accepts roommate requests. You can do this by calling your university directly, or looking up the process on their website under housing or residence life.

Please note that your school may not be able to meet your request, and we cannot guarantee that you will be paired as roommates with someone you find on Roomsurf.

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I want my college on Roomsurf! How can we add it?

If your college isn't listed, email us at and we will add it! Be sure to include the full name of the school and the state it's located in. Once added, don't forget to tell other students going to your school about us so you'll have matches to choose from!

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Is Roomsurf free?

The first 20 students (10 male and 10 female) that join each school network are awarded upgraded accounts free of charge. After that, to see the details about your matches you'll need to choose a method to upgrade your account.

We've used feedback from hundreds of students to develop different ways to upgrade your account. These upgrade options are available on the Upgrade page, and you can get there by clicking any of the Upgrade links on your Dashboard or other student's profile pages.

There are sometimes other upgrade options at the bottom of this page, these options rotate depending on availability.

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My college network needs more members! How should I refer friends to Roomsurf?

There are many ways to refer friends.

If you want to get more members on RoomSurf from your college class, post a link to our site in your college class group. These groups are usually for you to connect with your classmates, and share relevant information and resources. So if you like our app, feel free to share away! Sharing is caring.

Ask your class group administrator to make a post about our site and how it can help everyone find the best roommates.

Tweet about us! Use #roomsurf and our Twitter handle @roomsurf, as well as the hashtag for your school or class.

Become a fan and suggest it to your friends! You can become a fan here:

Post a FB status update linking to our site! Be creative and remember, the more people that use Roomsurf the more matches to choose from. Would you rather see how you match against 100 people or 1,000?

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Can I change school networks?

Yes! You can easily change school networks by clicking "Change my School" on your User Dashboard.

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How are matches calculated?

Our approach presents match percentages based on what you want in a roommate. You are asked to answer a question, and then asked how you wish your roommate would respond. After you make these selections, you apply a weight to the importance of the issue. This way the match percentages are based on your personal sensitivity on each question. You can also see your match's answers to each question with the "Compare Us" tab on their profile.

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Can I change my survey responses?

With an upgraded account you may reset the survey as many times as you like using the "Retake the Survey" button; With other membership levels you may take the survey only once.

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I thought the college matches students as roommates?

Most colleges allow students to mutually request roommates if they can identify each other. Some do not. Roomsurf provides a medium for students to connect with and identify potential roommates based on compatibility. If students decide they are a good match, they can request each other through the school's established methods. Most schools can not promise to honor every roommate request, but students should at least try to network with each other before getting to campus in the Fall.

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If I send a roommate request to my school, does that mean we will definitely be paired?

Many schools allow students to submit mutual roommate requests, and they do their best to honor those requests. Ultimately the school makes the final decision about roommate pairing, and it is not always possible to meet every request. Our website allows students to meet other students who they may want to room with. Even if your request cannot be met, you now have several friends from your school that you know you get along with!

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When I visit Roomsurf I get signed in automatically. How can I avoid this?

Make sure you are logged out of Facebook on your web browser. After you have done that, click "Get Started Here" on the Roomsurf home page and sign in normally.

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My school doesn't let me pick roommates!

That's ok. You can still use Roomsurf to see how your personality matches with your future classmates. You can also find out how you match with your assigned roommates.

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Can schools use Roomsurf?

Yes! We partner with college and university housing offices to make Roomsurf more accessible to students. Please click on the "For Schools" link in the footer to learn more about how we can work with your institution, integration options, and to schedule an online demonstration.

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Some of my friends didn't have to upgrade their account, but I do. Why is that?

For each school, we allow 20 students (10 male and 10 female) to join without having to upgrade their account. Students that join after that will be prompted to upgrade their account to communicate with their matches, view their questionnaire responses, and find them on Facebook. Our hope is to always provide a free upgrade alternative to give you multiple upgrade options.

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How do I deactivate my account?

Click the "deactivate account" link on your User Dashboard. If you're on mobile, you'll find the link under the Menu.

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How do I reactivate my account?

Send us an email at with your Roomsurf username and we will reactivate your account for you.

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I didn't receive the points from my alternative upgrade, and I've waited 45 minutes. What do I do?

Alternative upgrade points can take up to 45 minutes to go through, because information has to go through a third party before it gets back to us. If you have waited this long since completing the item, please email us at with your Roomsurf username (found at the top right when you're logged in), and the confirmation email from the completed item.

We can check to make sure the points should have been awarded, and allocate points to your account.

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Roomsurf is a cool idea - what else ya got?

We've also created Textsurf ( where we compare textbook prices from the top retailers. You can find the best prices all in one place, and determine if buying, renting, or going digital is the best choice for you. We also buy back your old books at the end of the semester.

Thousands of students have saved hundreds of dollars each by using Textsurf, so definitely check it out!

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My profile picture won't change! Why not?

If your profile picture won't update after you've chosen a new file under "Edit your Profile", one of two things is going on:

1. Your file is too large. Make sure the file is under 2MB. Resize the picture if necessary.

2. The picture has changed, but your browser is showing the old picture. This sometimes happens - in this case, everyone else can see your new picture. To check this, hold Shift on your keyboard and click Refresh. This forces a new download from the server to show updated information.

If neither of these work, please email us at with your username and attach the file you want to use as your picture

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I'm a parent, should I create my son or daughter's Roomsurf account?


Definitely not. We can't stress this enough.

When someone other than the student takes the survey, it becomes a reflection of what the parent thinks the student should be instead of what they actually are. This skews match results and has a negative effect on finding potential roommates that are actually a good fit.

In addition, the Facebook account used to create an account is forever linked to that Roomsurf account - it cannot be transferred. So if another student views your child's account, they see your name and your Facebook profile instead of theirs. That's a major problem.

Let your son or daughter sign up and take their survey themselves, and let them be honest.

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I got accidentally set as the wrong gender - how can I fix it?

We're working on this bug that seems to affect a small number of people. If this happened to you, send us an email at with your username. We have a work around that will fix this bug for you while we implement a permanent solution!

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When I click "Get Started" the pages just refreshes. What do I do?

If this happens, 99% of the time it's a browser issue. Follow these steps to fix it:

1. Clear your browser cache and cookies

2. Close the browser, then open it again

3. Go to Roomsurf before logging into Facebook, and try to login again.

Also make sure your firewall or ad blocker isn't blocking Facebook Connect, for the other 1% of cases.

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