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Angela's Profile



Class Year:2023
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:Hopefully Upper Campus
School:Boston College
Intended Major:Psychology

Planned Activities

Student Government, Community Service, School Newspaper, Other Student Organizations


I love classical music, especially Romantic era composers. Also a Harry Potter fan, though in later years I went for more literary fiction than anything else. Fahrenheit 451 is a favorite. I'll be heading to the gym as often as I can to stave off the dreaded freshman 15, and I'm definitely down for walking around in the morning.

I'm currently off of Netflix, though I anticipate bingeing The Office if I'm really that tired. You'll probably catch me frowning at my phone as I sift through the news in the morning, and I can be as political/apolitical a roommate as you'd like me to be. I don't mind mindless chatter, but I'm also up for philosophical debate and existential crises.


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