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Jonah's Profile



Class Year:2018
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:No Preference
School:Brandeis University
Intended Major:Visual and Performing Arts
Hometown:Phoenix, AZ

Planned Activities

Community Service, Other Student Organizations


My favorite musicians/bands: Jazz, Classical, Scores- Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Beethoven, Geminiani, Debussy, John Williams, Hans Zimmer
My favorite TV Shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force (where all my humor is and comes from)
My favorite games: Chess, Super Smash Bros, Dota 2
My favorite past times: writing music, jamming, improvising, creating art, meditating, writing stories, skateboarding, hikes
My favorite books: East of Eden, A Tale of Two Cities, Harry Potter series, anything from Shakespeare
My favorite foods: Chicken, Eggs, Smoothies, Mexican Food.
My favorite movies: Cloud Atlas, Inglorious Basterds, The Matrix, Hoodwinked


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