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Siddharth's Profile



Class Year:2020
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:Carmen
School:Columbia College
Intended Major:Business and Economics

Planned Activities

Varsity Sports, Intramural Sports, Greek Life, Campus Radio / TV, Other Student Organizations


My favorite musicians/bands: Chill music, Ben Howard, Coldplay, Jake Bugg, Kanye, Whiz, J.Cole, Milky Chance, Bob Dylan- anything that sounds good
My favorite movies: Shawshank Redemption, Limitless, Gladiator, 7 Pounds, Pulp fiction, Happy Gillmore, comedies and sports movies
My favorite TV Shows: Brooklyn nine nine, New Girl, HIMYM, Modern Family, Suits, Gossip Girl, Scrubs, Impractical Jokers etc.
My favorite Sports Teams: Tottenham Hotspur, Wales Rugby, Welsh football team, Netherlands hockey team, India cricket- really want to get into American sports (New York Teams), because I'm English and not that familiar with them yet.


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