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Class Year:2015
Housing Type:Off-campus
Preferred Residence:No Preference
School:Lourdes College
Intended Major:Psychology

Planned Activities

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Flashlights, Feeding the Horse, playing hide and go seek with the dragon, Riding the Snake, Niacin Burning, listening to white noise to get hi, Winking Back at the Little Eye on Prescription Bottles, ad-hocracies, Not Updating My Music List, Crossdressing, Eating Ecstasy and Listening to Enya, Adderal, Telling Cops to Fuck Off, Flagrance, Fluffing Shit Up, Categories of Pornography, Slippery Sex Parties, I'm the Princess of Lollipop Land, Watching the People Around Me Applaud Something, Sterile Medical Equipment, Swarm intelligence, eatin some bitches taco, shoving a wad of toilet paper in my ass and coming out of the bathroom naked jumping around saying im a bunny rabbit, famous homophobes getting caught with weiners in the mouths, Language, Giggly Pillowfights, Tests of the Emergency Broadcast System, Ecosystems, Symbols, Stop Drop and Roll, Disruptive technology, Elegance, Nosebleeds, Organic Networks, Duck and Cover, Touching Faces, Putting It in My Mouth, Superficiality, Life Art, Applause, Dns, Collective intelligence, Satan, Delusions of grandeur, Flash Mobs, Tornadoes, Emergencies, Why Is There Something Instead of Nothing, Fire drills, Sirens, Stealing Other People's Ideas, Getting Searched, P2p, Emergent properties, Semantics, Diddling, DNA, Touching Privates


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