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Paul's Profile



Class Year:2018
Housing Type:Off-campus
Preferred Residence:n/a
School:North Georgia College and State University
Intended Major:Engineering
Hometown:Denver, CO


I'm 27yrs old, looking to attend Lanier Tech College starting next year, but I need a roommate to split my rent in half so that I can afford to do so. I'm pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I'm a very responsible and stable individual. Been living at my apartment nearly three years and ALWAYS pay my bills ontime. Landlord can vouch for me.

I'm a PC gamer(currently only play MechWarrior:Online due to my busy schedule)

Love music, drink beer, I like to party but not all the time. I'm very responsible and know how to have a good time. I also know how to respect privacy and your property.


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