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Class Year:2023
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:most likely South Campus
School:Northwestern University
Intended Major:Communication and Journalism

Planned Activities

Student Government, Community Service, School Newspaper, Campus Radio / TV, Religious/Cultural Organizations, Other Student Organizations


(so sorry this is LONG bc i’ve copied both bits into here bc no one’s got the £ to upgrade this)

hey! i’m ahlaam (don’t worry, i can’t pronounce my name either) and i’m an international student from the uk and i’ll be studying journalism at the medill! prior warning to whoever ends up as my roommate: u will be the person i come to with questions about weird american things.
-i’m pretty social and like parties etc but i do value being alone quite a bit - i’d really enjoy going to a rave but the next day would be me recharging in the form of staying in and watching a season of parks and rec
-my music taste is indie/alternative n i tend to put music on when i’m getting changed in the morning and evening but i’m chill with popping headphones on!!
-i’ll prob skype my family and friends here in the uk once a weekish
-i’m quite tidy but a lil bit cluttery every now and then - i will prob set aside a day a week to organise my shit, but i’m p low maintenance overall.
-i’m always down for a good deep serious conversation about anything from sexuality to family to existential philosophy but at the same time i’m always here to make bad jokes and puns and have a funny time. if u need a laugh, i am always here to give one to u, and will defo keep supporting one another’s mental/physical health a priority 💖
-i still don’t really know what sororities/rushing actually is so not 100% sure if i’ll be involved in it but i’m open to anything
-generally really aware of how scary sharing a room can be, and i’ll always keep respecting boundaries/privacy/beliefs and being there for one another a priority
my sc and ig Login to view ahlaa.m - send me memes!!

-i am a massive film/tv fan (will prob minor in it) and if u are too, we could have film nights :)) favourite tv shows include: community, b99, parks and rec, the office, the good place, peep show, IT crowd, doctor who etc
favourite films include: her, call me by your name, scott pilgrim, moonrise kingdom, moonlight etc
-books! from rowling to murakami to nabakov. i like books
-music! favourite artists at the moment are hozier, brockhampton, florence and the machine, sza + moreee (also gotta love some debussy and shostakovich too)
-comedy! hasan minhaj, john mulaney, james acaster, stephen colbert (it’s (almost) chicago after all)
-i’m very passionate about activism and social justice and will prob be quite involved in that
-would generally just like to do stuff with a roommate, like go exploring and visiting different places, i’m really into art and will prob go to arts events/galleries etc, but I’d love to just get a feel of american life with a roommate :))

idk what else to put here lol i feel like i have lost every possible piece of info about myself


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