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Joonwoo's Profile



Class Year:2023
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:Pantas (where everyone said it was the best)
School:Pratt Institute
Intended Major:Architecture and Planning

Planned Activities

Student Government, Community Service, Religious/Cultural Organizations, Other Student Organizations


-playing games with friends (PUBG, League, steam games, & other multiplayer games)
-Don't have specific music taste. Don't listen to music often. Some genres that I listen to: Kpop, rap/hiphop, Christian songs.
-Like to listen to others' stories, concerns, and have discussions.
-sometimes extroverted, sometimes introverted.
-like all kinds of foods unless it is universally disgusting or too exotic.
-like to cook if possible
-would love to have a roommate who can help me exercise
-prefer Korean roommate if possible.

Feel free to ask me questions or more information.


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