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Rachel's Profile



Class Year:2022
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:Raven Village
School:Sam Houston State University
Intended Major:Visual and Performing Arts
Hometown:Houston, TX

Planned Activities

Community Service, Other Student Organizations


hi, my name is rachel! if you're into astrology, i'm an aries sun, leo moon, and scorpio rising.

i'm 18 years old who's looking for a roommate for fall 2019 that can dorm in raven village.

i'm majoring in computer animation and hoping to have a relatable roomie, or a roomie that can coexist with me peacefully at least ^^;

TV- i mainly watch steven universe and anime whenever i have time
Movies- 10 things I hate about you is my all time fav movie that's not animated, but i love studio ghibli films
Music- my music taste ranges from different artists like rihanna, h.e.r, p!atd, kpop artists, daniel caesar.... just whatever sounds good to me
i spend most of my days looking at stuff online, playing on my ps4, or messaging my friends

you can contact me at ral059 if you're interested in becoming roommates; feel free to ask me any questions


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