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Class Year:2023
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:No Preference
School:Sarah Lawrence College
Intended Major:Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Planned Activities

Intramural Sports, Other Student Organizations


I'm interested in a bunch of stuff!

1) In terms of music I legit listen to every genre except country. I also listen to a lot of international music: Really into Mandarin and Korean RnB and Hip hop. Please don't confuse me for like a KPOP obsessed person, definitely not into Kpop like at all anymore oops.. I'm also Nigerian so you know I love a good Afrobeat. But some of my fav artists are: Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Billie Eilish, Travis Scott, Post Malone, Rex Orange County Black Bear, Major Lazor, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Shawn Mendes, Earth, Wind and Fire Im gonna stop now bc my music is list literally insanity but chances are I listen to what you listen to
2) I'm obsessed with the color blue, like not even on purpose I just gravitate to everything blue so there's that haha and I'm also a really aesthetic person like IF YOU ARE A PINTEREST GURU pleaseee hit me up bc an aesthetic room is like my #1 dream for college
3) I love carbs, OH I'm pretty much vegetarian? At home, meat is apart of Nigerian culture so I eat a little meat at home but when I'm alone I don't eat meat so at college and I really won't be eating meat at all. I'm kind of okay with chicken though but I hate red meat. I don't even like chicken like that so no meat for me lol
4) My TV watch list is a little lame, so if you're into TV, hmu bc I would like a roommate who can educate me haha. My favorite show of all time is Bones, I've rewatched it 5 times, all 12 seasons, it's unhealthy at this point, I need to move on. But I also watch/have watched every DC/ Marvel show except for Agent Carter! I need to watch that still so I'm a big Login to view super hero gal :') But I want to improve my TV and movie watching
5) I've said this already but I'm a REALLY art driven person so I'm good at photography too! If you want a roommate who will literally hang upside down to get you a good instagram Login to view , I swear I am your girl! I will even edit your photos like 300% I'm here to keep up your fire instagram Login to view if you need me
6) I LOVE la croix and coffee, I'm from the Palo Alto/SF region... it's like all we drink basically but caffeine has been messing with my anxiety so I don't drink her that much anymore which makes me sad but La croix is the love of my life so yeah

Sheesh I realize this is a lot of writing so just hmu with any questions if you don't feel like reading all of this :')


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