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Albert's Profile



Class Year:2023
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:Unit 2 Triple
School:UC Berkeley
Intended Major:Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Planned Activities

Intramural Sports, Greek Life, Student Government, Community Service, Religious/Cultural Organizations, Other Student Organizations


I play around a lot with colored contacts and different hairstyles.
Hmu for volleyball games at the beach or intramurals! I dropped tennis and track for it, but I might pick these back up too!
I've been into urban dancing for the last five years, so I want to join a dance crew! (You already know I go off at dances and parties hehe)
My favorite forms of cardio aside from dance include hiking, shopping, and going to festivals.
I really do need to go to the gym more though, so let’s go!
I have a really weak spot for sugary drinks (boba, agua frescas, coffee, you name it), but I’m still a lowkey major foodie, so let's go on food runs!
I recently got into Asian dramas. So far I like series like Kiss and Wolf from GMMTV (iykyk).
I also watch a TON of YouTube. My favorite people to watch include Stephanie Soo, TerryTV, and Buzzfeed.
I've sung in choirs, so acapella club maybe? (I don’t randomly burst into song though, it confuses me too)
I study best in groups, so please be my study buddy!
Ready to rush!
I don’t play games often aside from social settings, but my favorite games include Mafia, Tetris (RIP Tetris Friends), Monopoly Deal, and Smash.
I feel like I haven’t done much, so I’m down to try pretty much anything!


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