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Nicolina's Profile



Class Year:2021
Housing Type:Off-campus
Preferred Residence:I haven't been assigned to anything. I'm a grad student coming in during Spring 2021
School:UC Berkeley
Intended Major:Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Studies

Planned Activities

Community Service, Religious/Cultural Organizations, Other Student Organizations


I used to work in International Non-Profits before I decided to pursue my MA. I'm interested in specific international cultures. San Francisco has always been home (since 1995). But in working with International NGOs I lived all around the world - in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Amman, London, Edinburgh, Singapore, Brisbane, Auckland and Vancouver. I spent somewhere between 3 months to a year in some of those cities. Other than international travel, I'm a little boring because I don't party, I don't have big Login to view of friends who are always coming over. I stay in most nights because, like I said, I'm either researching, eating or sleeping and very little else. I do make time for cultural festivals happening around the Bay Area, I even volunteer at some of them. I love various cultural film festivals. I'm a Vegetarian but I don't mind meat. I don't smoke. I don't drink. I don't have a significant other. But I have no problem with other people doing that (unless you're just getting totally wasted every day, which usually is not the case.) I'm currently in southern California with my family until the pandemic is over but I'm totally available online.


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