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Brittany's Profile



Class Year:2022
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:No Preference
School:Union University
Intended Major:Education

Planned Activities

Greek Life, Religious/Cultural Organizations


Things about me:
I am very family oriented except with my own family
I have a boyfriend who will live in Jackson
I love you shop
I like makeup
I love animals
I will likely have an emotional support dog
I am a perfectionist
I love to share
I love to eat
I love to sing (can’t read music or notes)
I love to talk
I love helping other people
I love my room to be cold. Aprox. 68 dg

(Annoying) things about me:
I treat everyone like my kid. Not purposely
I’m not very smart
I’m book smart but world dumb.
I ask A LOT of stupid questions
I talk loud
I talk a lot I talk fast
I talk with my mouth full
I chew with my mouth open
I chomp on ice constantly
I love to sleep
I’m a morning person.
I am very bossy
I am the mom friend
I take up a lot of space
I’m very emotional
I cry. A lot. Daily.
I’m very needy but also independent
My mom is very attached so she will call me multiple times a day
I am a complainer
I curse sometimes
I love chacos
I love to share
I’m a control freak
I keep my room messy with clothes
I clean or sleep when I’m stressed.
I don’t sleep in a lot of clothes. I’m a T-shirt kinda gal
I’m a very bubbly person on the outside but on the inside I have chronic depression and severe anxiety (I don’t even drive)
I never paint my nails
I drink lots of soda
I love sonic ice
I take long showers

Things Roommate cannot have:
Hates dogs
Hates kids
Hates loud people

My style:
I love Boho style
I love clean and sleek furniture.
I must have right angles on most things like tables.
I love some DIY
I love blankets and pillows.
I’m not a huge tv person. I like to watch tv but on my laptop or phone.
I rearrange furniture a lot.

I wear about an XL
Size 14 pants
Size 8.5 shoes in most give or take


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