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Eliza's Profile



Class Year:2021
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:Hasbrouck Suite
School:University at Buffalo
Intended Major:Computer and Information Sciences


On my spare time, you will find me writing music for the piano, chilling with my friends, and watching Netflix. You will always see me with Headphones on listening to Dean, Heize, all those good kpop songs. When you first meet me, you will be flooded with pictures of my cat, Max, and you will probably know more about him than you do about me by the end of the year. Last year I was part of the Queer Board Games, SAPP (Substance free club), ensemble, glow lime games, and anime club. I'm not sure what clubs I will join this year but I will probably look into the programming club and the ensemble if there is one. I also play soccer and like to wake up early most days to get to the gym.


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