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Nathan's Profile



Class Year:2022
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:Pace Hall
School:University of West Florida
Intended Major:Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Planned Activities

Intramural Sports, Community Service, Religious/Cultural Organizations


I love to play guitar and sing, so I hope to find a roommate who doesn’t mind me cranking up my amp every once in awhile for some rock ‘n roll. I enjoy working out and it’d be nice to have a motivator. I’m going to be in the Honors program so I will be pretty close friends with the library, but I want to find time to play sports, try new hobbies, and enjoy life. If you decide that you want to room with someone like me, hit me up on IG @n8.w_ and we can talk. Be honest with me and I’ll do the same with you. 🤘🏼


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