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Class Year:2023
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:I liked Daniel's and Founder's Hall, although Im up for anything as long as its close to my classes.
School:Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Intended Major:Engineering
Hometown:Kansas City, KS

Planned Activities

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Im a huge fan when it comes to Star Wars and Marvel movies. Im a total junky for both franchises and love anything related to them. Im also a fan of Godzilla movies, Sci-fi, Action, and Comedy type of movies as well.

I love to play videogames. Currently I play games such as Super Smash Bros, Super Mario, Borderlands, Overwatch, Battlefront 2, Undertale, R6 Seig Login to view many more. I mainly play on Xbox, however Im trying to get more into PC gaming. Regardless, Im very well knowledgeable about all things gaming.

Im a FRC alumni and I plan on helping out and voulnteering with the local FRC teams or events in the area. I alsp plan on joining campus clubs, such as Battle Bots or the giant model rocket thing (I dont know the name of it haha)

I dont nesscarly binge watch TV shows on Netflix or Hulu. I usally like to watch a lot of YouTube . I also like to just hang out on my phone doing various tasks
TV shows I have watched include, The Clone Wars, and The Office. YouTubers I typically watch include, Gamegrumps, CallMeKevin, CallMeCarson, Mr.Fruit, Acheviement Hunter/Funhaus, Drawfee, and RT Gaming, if you are interested in what I watch on Youtube.

I typically like to spend my days off relaxing or chilling inside, but that doesnt mean Im not willing to go on adventures in the city. I like to hangout with friends and talk to people about variety of topics. I do plan on exploring the city of Worcester and Boston a lot with my time at WPI.

I big Login to view fan that has a good collection and find it interesting to keep up to date with anything LEGO. I also can play the Trumpet and Tuba and plan on potentially joining WPI's pep band if they have one.


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