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Arianna's Profile



Class Year:2019
Housing Type:On-campus
Preferred Residence:No Preference
School:Concordia University Wisconsin
Intended Major:Health Professions
Hometown:Saint Germain, WI

Planned Activities

Intramural Sports, Religious/Cultural Organizations, Other Student Organizations


My favorite musicians/bands: Uhh, all music? Not a big Login to view of rock or classic country...bleck.
My favorite movies: Harry Potter! Avengers and any superhero movie...and I do enjoy my Sci fi's every now and then.
My favorite TV Shows: Greys Anatomy and Spongebob.
My favorite Sports Teams: Packers. Not a huge die hard fan of anything but I play softball, basketball, volleyball, and I did cross country once (nearly died).
Favorite food: Is that a question?....all food.
I'm looking into the nusing program and to eventually receive my master and specialize in pediatric...I love kids!


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