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Barclay College Roommate FAQs

What are some qualities to look for in a roommate at Barclay College? It's important to look for someone who shares similar values and lifestyles as you do, along with good communication skills and mutual respect. Additionally, you may want to consider a roommate who has a compatible study schedule and cleanliness habits. How can I ensure a smooth living situation with my Barclay College roommate? Open communication and setting expectations from the start can help establish a positive living situation with your roommate. Consider setting boundaries for spaces and belongings, as well as communicating any issues or concerns in a respectful manner. Are there any resources available at Barclay College to help find a compatible roommate? Yes, the Barclay College Residence Life team can assist with finding a compatible roommate based on lifestyle and preferences. Additionally, joining college groups or organizations can provide an opportunity to meet potential roommates with similar interests.