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What qualities should I look for in a roommate at Brevard Community College? When searching for a roommate, it's important to look for someone who is responsible, respectful, and compatible with your lifestyle. You can also consider finding a roommate who shares similar interests or academic goals as you. How can I ensure that I choose the right roommate at Brevard Community College? One way to ensure that you choose the right roommate is to have a thorough conversation with them before agreeing to live together. Ask about their hobbies, study habits, and schedule to gauge if you will be compatible. You can also ask for references or talk to mutual friends to get an idea of their character. What are some red flags to look out for when choosing a roommate at Brevard Community College? Some red flags to watch out for when choosing a roommate include their cleanliness habits, how they handle conflicts, and any concerning behaviors such as excessive drinking or drug use. Make sure to have an open and honest conversation about these potential issues before deciding to live together.