How to Decide If You Should Continue Living with the Same Roommate

By Brittany Loeffler 


Finding a good roommate is difficult. So, if you have one already, keep them! It’s rare to find the perfect roommate, especially if they are your first. Not everyone gets along as roommates, even the best of friends. Living with someone can be challenging, especially if you have different lifestyles.


If you are considering changing your housing situation here are some factors to consider if you should continue living with the same roommate.


Student Roommates: How to Decide If You Should Continue Living with the Same Roommate 


You Enjoy Each Other’s Company

The best feeling at the end of a long day is coming home to someone you genuinely enjoy spending time with. You and your roommate can sit and talk for hours in the living room or kitchen. You both don’t hide in your bedrooms the entire time without seeing each other for days.


When you enjoy hanging out with your roommate, you have more fun overall. A good roommate is like a live-in best friend! If you love your roommate’s personality and enjoy their presence, then you should probably live with them again.


They Positively Influence Your Life

Do you like your life better now that your roommate is in it? Do they positively influence your life? Maybe you picked up some cool habits like working out more or eating better from them. If you feel that you are a better person or living a better life thanks to your roommate, you probably want to keep them around and feed off of their positive influence for another year.


They Are Respectful

Respect is a major factor when it comes to living with a roommate. To be a good roommate, you should respect each other’s space and requests.

For example, if your roommate has a friend who tends to eat your food when they come over and you don’t appreciate that. You are able to tell your roommate that you are upset and they will talk to their friend and let them know they cannot do that.


When you respect each other as roommates it creates a harmony within the household. Respect means giving each other space, asking to use something that belongs to the other, and being considerate of each other’s feelings.


You Have the Same Friends

If you and your roommate have the same friends, then it is probably easy to live together as your place will be the social hub before going out on a Friday night or to have brunch on Sunday. Having the same friends means you’ll know mostly who is coming in and out of your home.


This is nice, especially if you have lived with a roommate who you don’t know very well and you find random people in your home. It can be a little uncomfortable at times. Having the same friends will make you feel right at home and comfortable in your apartment.


Roommate Finder: How to Decide If You Should Continue Living with the Same Roommate 


You Have Similar Lifestyles

If you and your roommate are in sync with the way you like to live your life, then don’t let them go! When you find that you mesh with someone so well and share the same values and lifestyle, then it’s a match made in heaven.

This makes schedules, hosting events, and even decorating easier. If you and your roommate are both night owls, then it will never be a problem when you are up until 3 o’clock in the morning.


The same goes for the cleanliness of your apartment. Some people like having a super clean apartment. Others don’t really care. Chores are one of the top arguments that roommates have.


You Have Good Times Together

A good roommate doesn’t always mean that you are friends. If you and your roommate are friends, then you probably have some pretty great times together. You can sit and talk all night long on the couch or go out to dinner for a roommate date.


Living with a roommate should be fun, so if you and your roommate have a good time together no matter where you are or what you’re doing, then it’s a good idea to keep living with them.


You Can’t Imagine Living Without Your Roommate

There are times when you meet someone you just can’t imagine your life without. If this is the case for your roommate then you know you’ve landed a good one. Your roommate provides positivity to your life and has had a great influence on it. You enjoy spending time together and doing menial tasks around the house together. You love coming home after a long day and seeing your roommate.


If you experience these things with your current roommate then you should definitely keep them around. It’s difficult to find a roommate that you mesh well with who doesn’t cause any stress in your life.

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