Roommate Halloween Costumes

By Danielle Wirsansky

Dressing up for Halloween while you are in college can be some of the best fun. Even if you can’t go trick or treating, dressing up in costume and going out and about, especially with a group, can lead to just as much fun. Group costumes are a lot of fun too, and who better and easier to coordinate it with than your roommates? You live together, you vibe together, and often, you hang out together. When you live together, you can work on your costumes together, keep each other on track as your are building/buying/making your costumes, and then hang out in your costumes together.

But sometimes the trickiest part of group costumes, especially with roommates, is figuring out what to dress up as! Read on for some suggestions for some really great roommate Halloween costumes!

Roommate Tips: Roommate Halloween CostumesPhoto from Pexels

Peas in a Pod

If you and your roommates are really tight, good friends, a good way to celebrate that friendship in an easy, gender-neutral Halloween costume—Peas in a pod! If you and your roommates are peas in a pod, then it seems like a no-brainer. Wear all green to be peas and then stick together for the night, something you were probably already planning on doing. If you want to go the extra mile with this costume, take the time to construct a pea pod out of green fabric or felt. That way, you really will be stuck together for the night! This can be done with as few or as many roommates as you have.


If you are looking for something a little bit scarier or “costumey,” then another great roommate Halloween costume option for you might be zombies! Zombie costumes can also be pretty simple, as long as you have some face paint and enough fake blood. You can wear your everyday clothes with it or get more elaborate. This costume idea is great because it can be for any number of roommates and is also gender-neutral (or non-specific). It is also a little bit scarier and is a good compromise for those that like the darker side of Halloween.

Super Heroes

Another great roommate Halloween costume option is to dress up as superheroes! Superheroes are very popular today. You can make up superheroes that fit your personalities. You can be superheroes from the Marvel or DC universes. You can dress up as any kind of superhero you want! Usually, everyone can find at least one superhero that they connect with. There can be as many or as few roommates in your group to dress up as superheroes and it will not make it an odd number, and superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, races, and genders, so there is sure to be a superhero you can be!

Cow Boys/Girls

A simple Halloween costume for you and your roommates is to dress up as Cowboys/girls, depending on what tickles your fancy. Everyone owns jeans, right? That is already half of your costume! Wear your favorite denim jeans, throw on a flannel (and a vest, if you have it), your closest proximation to cowboy boots, a bandana, and get yourself a hat, and there you have it! Instant Cowboy or Cowgirl. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get a shiny sheriff’s badge, a whip, or even a horse head on a stick to gallop around on and really get into character with your friends and roommates.

Deck of Cards

Dressing up like a deck of cards with your roommates for Halloween is another classic Halloween costume choice. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like them to be. At its simplest, you can just wear a white shirt with black pants and either draw or pin the letters and card symbol onto your outfit. If you want to go all the way and be an actual card, your group can get white poster boards to make sandwich boards to wear over yourselves. You can all be from the same suit, or you can change it up. Anyone can be whichever card they want. Does one roommate want to be the Queen of Spades? Cool! Does aanother roommate want to be the Two of Clubs? Awesome! There can be any number of cards in a deck (well, really up to 52, but it is highly unlikely that you have that many roommates anyways) and cards are gender neutral too!

Roommate Finder: Roommate Halloween CostumesPhoto from Pexels

You and your roommates know best what group costume will work best for you and encompass the kinds of things you are really interested in, but hopefully, these roommate Halloween costume suggestions will come in handy and help make the decision on what to dress up as just a little bit easier.

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