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What qualities should I look for in a Corning Community College roommate? When looking for a roommate at Corning Community College, it's important to look for traits such as cleanliness, responsibility, respectfulness, and good communication skills. You'll want someone who is reliable and will respect your space and privacy. How do I find someone to room with at Corning Community College? To find a roommate at Corning Community College, consider posting on social media groups or bulletin boards throughout the campus. Additionally, make sure to attend any roommate mixers or events sponsored by the college to meet potential roommates. How can I get to know my Corning Community College roommate before living with them? To get to know your roommate before moving in, try chatting with them online or via phone. You may also want to meet up in person to get a sense of their personality and habits. Additionally, consider setting some ground rules and goals before moving in to ensure a positive living environment.