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What qualities should I look for in a Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne roommate? Look for someone who shares similar study habits, values cleanliness, and is respectful of shared spaces. It's also helpful to find someone who is reliable and communicates effectively, especially when it comes to paying rent and bills on time. How can I ensure compatibility with a Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne roommate? One way to ensure compatibility is to meet potential roommates in person before signing a lease. This allows you to get a sense of each other's personalities and living habits. It's also a good idea to discuss expectations and concerns beforehand, such as noise levels, guests, and chores. What is the importance of having a good relationship with a Dorsey Business Schools-Wayne roommate? Having a good relationship with your roommate can positively impact your overall college experience. You'll be able to establish a trusting and comfortable living environment, have an easier time studying and focusing, and potentially form a lasting friendship. It's important to prioritize communication and respect in order to foster a healthy relationship.