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What personality traits should I look for in a roommate at Everest Institute-North Miami? Look for someone who shares similar values and goals as you do. You want a roommate who is respectful, responsible, and communicative so that you can both succeed academically and socially during your time at Everest Institute-North Miami. How important is cleanliness when considering a roommate at Everest Institute-North Miami? It's important to find a roommate who values cleanliness at Everest Institute-North Miami, especially since you'll be sharing a small space together. Talk about expectations for keeping the common areas tidy and establish a cleaning schedule to avoid conflicts. Should I consider finding a roommate with a similar class schedule as me at Everest Institute-North Miami? It can definitely be beneficial to find a roommate at Everest Institute-North Miami with a similar class schedule as you. This will make it easier to coordinate study sessions and ensure that one person isn't always disrupting the other's sleep or study time. However, don't limit yourself too much as finding a compatible roommate is more important than scheduling.