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What type of personality should you look for when selecting a roommate at Empire Beauty School-Chandler? Look for a roommate who is friendly and respectful towards others. Your roommate should be someone who is easy to communicate with, and who will be understanding of your needs as a student at Empire Beauty School-Chandler. How can you ensure that your potential roommate at Empire Beauty School-Chandler is responsible and reliable? When looking for a roommate, it’s important to ask for references or previous landlord information. Additionally, it might be helpful to spend some time with your potential roommate to get a sense of their habits and lifestyle. At Empire Beauty School-Chandler, it’s important to have a roommate who is focused and motivated to succeed in their studies. What factors should you consider when selecting a roommate at Empire Beauty School-Chandler? When selecting a roommate, consider their financial stability, their cleanliness habits, and their study habits. It’s important to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to household chores and respect for each other’s space. At Empire Beauty School-Chandler, a good roommate can be incredibly helpful in achieving your goals as a beauty student.