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What are some important personality traits to look for in a Harrison College-Evansville roommate? It's important to find a roommate who is respectful of your space and belongings, communicates effectively, and is willing to compromise. Someone who shares similar interests and values can also be a good match. How can I ensure that my Harrison College-Evansville roommate is reliable and responsible? Ask potential roommates about their work or school schedule and how they plan to prioritize their responsibilities. References from past roommates or landlords can also provide insight into their behavior and level of responsibility. Should I look for a roommate who is studying the same major as me at Harrison College-Evansville? It's not necessary to have a roommate in the same major as you, but it can be helpful for studying and academic support. If you're interested in finding a roommate with similar academic interests, consider joining a Harrison College-Evansville student organization or reaching out to classmates for potential roommates.