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What are some important qualities to look for when searching for a roommate at International Business College-Indianapolis? It's important to consider traits like cleanliness, responsibility, communication skills, and compatibility with your lifestyle and habits. You'll be living in close quarters, so finding a roommate who shares similar values and attitudes can make for a more harmonious living arrangement. Are there any specific questions I should ask a potential roommate before agreeing to live together at International Business College-Indianapolis? Yes, in addition to getting to know each other's backgrounds and interests, you may want to ask about things like sleep schedules, study habits, guest policies, and how you'll split expenses and chores. Having a clear understanding of expectations and boundaries can help alleviate conflict down the road. How can I gauge if a potential roommate is a good fit for me at International Business College-Indianapolis? One way to get to know a potential roommate better is to spend time together before making the commitment to live together. Grabbing lunch or coffee, attending a campus event, or just chatting in person or over video chat can give you a sense of whether you click and share compatible lifestyles. It's also a good idea to ask for references from previous roommates or friends who can vouch for the person's reliability and personality.