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Question: What are some important qualities to look for in a potential ITT Technical Institute-Clive roommate? It's important to look for someone who is responsible, respectful of shared living spaces, and communicates openly and effectively. Since you'll be attending the same school, it may also be helpful to find someone who has similar academic goals and schedules as you. Question: How can I determine if my potential ITT Technical Institute-Clive roommate is reliable and trustworthy? One way to gauge reliability and trustworthiness is by asking for references from previous roommates or landlords. You can also look for signs of responsibility, such as a steady job or involvement in extracurricular activities. It's also important to communicate openly with your potential roommate about expectations and boundaries. Question: Should I look for a potential ITT Technical Institute-Clive roommate who shares my interests and hobbies? While having shared interests and hobbies can certainly enhance your living experience, it's not necessarily a must-have trait in a roommate. It's more important to focus on finding someone with whom you can communicate effectively, establish mutual respect, and create a comfortable living environment. However, if sharing interests is important to you, consider joining on-campus clubs or attending events to meet like-minded individuals.