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ITT Technical Institute-Troy Roommate FAQs

What personality traits should I look for in a roommate at ITT Technical Institute-Troy? Look for someone who is respectful, responsible and communicative. As an ITT Tech student, having a roommate who shares the same attitude towards academic commitment can lead to a positive and productive living environment. Should I consider living with another ITT Technical Institute-Troy student or explore outside options? It depends on your preferences and living situation. As an ITT Tech student, it may be beneficial to live with another student who is taking similar courses and can provide academic support. However, exploring outside options can provide a diverse and unique living experience. What are some warning signs I should look out for when choosing a roommate at ITT Technical Institute-Troy? Watch out for individuals who are irresponsible, consistently late on rent payments or have a history of damaging property. These traits can lead to a stressful living situation and negatively impact your academic performance at ITT Tech.