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What are some important personality traits to consider when seeking a roommate at Knox Theological Seminary? When seeking a roommate at Knox Theological Seminary, it is important to look for traits such as honesty, responsibility, and compatibility in terms of daily habits and schedules. How can I gauge someone's character before agreeing to share a living space with them at Knox Theological Seminary? One way to gauge someone's character is to speak with mutual acquaintances or references who know the potential roommate personally and can vouch for their character. Additionally, a face-to-face interview can help you assess their communication style and overall compatibility. What are some common roommate conflicts that can arise at Knox Theological Seminary? Some common roommate conflicts at Knox Theological Seminary may include different schedules and study habits, personality clashes, cleanliness standards, and noise levels. It is important to proactively communicate with your roommate and establish clear boundaries and expectations to prevent these conflicts from arising.