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What are some personal traits to consider when searching for a roommate at MedTech College-Greenwood Campus? It's important to look for someone who is considerate, respectful, communicates well, and shares similar interests. You'll be spending a lot of time together, so finding someone you get along with is key to a successful living situation. Should I prioritize finding a roommate who is in the same program as me at MedTech College-Greenwood Campus? It can be helpful to find someone in the same program as you since you'll have similar schedules and workload. However, it's not necessary as long as you both respect each other's need for study time and communicate effectively about your schedules. What are some questions to ask potential roommates when searching for housing near MedTech College-Greenwood Campus? It's important to ask about their lifestyle habits, such as whether they smoke, drink, or stay up late. You'll also want to discuss how you'll split household chores and expenses. Additionally, discussing living preferences such as cleanliness and socialization can help ensure compatibility.