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Question: What personality traits should I look for in a roommate at MedTech Institute-Orlando Campus? When searching for a roommate, it's important to find someone who shares similar values and habits as you. Look for someone who communicates effectively, respects personal space and cleanliness, and is willing to compromise. At MedTech Institute-Orlando Campus, there are often shared study spaces and community events, so finding a roommate who also values community involvement can be beneficial. Question: How can I ensure a safe and secure living arrangement with my roommate at MedTech Institute-Orlando Campus? Safety should be a top priority when selecting a roommate. Look for someone who is responsible, trustworthy, and has a clean background check. In addition, consider discussing and establishing ground rules about guests, privacy, and emergency procedures. MedTech Institute-Orlando Campus provides resources such as campus security and counseling services to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment. Question: Should I prioritize matching academic schedules when searching for a roommate at MedTech Institute-Orlando Campus? While it can be helpful to have similar academic schedules as your roommate, it shouldn't necessarily be the deciding factor. It's important to find a roommate who aligns with your lifestyle and habits, as well as compatibility in regards to study and sleep schedules. Additionally, MedTech Institute-Orlando Campus offers a variety of recreational and academic programs outside of regular class schedules, so it may not be necessary to have exact matching schedules with your roommate.