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What are some personality traits to look for in a roommate at National American University-Indianapolis? It's important to look for someone who shares similar habits and values as you, such as cleanliness or respect for alone time. Additionally, it can be helpful to find a roommate who has a positive attitude and good communication skills to avoid any conflicts that may arise. How can I find a roommate who is also studying at National American University-Indianapolis? One way to connect with potential roommates is through your university's student housing office or online forums specifically for National American University-Indianapolis students. You can also reach out to classmates or friends who are also attending the university to see if they are interested in rooming together. Can I request a specific roommate at National American University-Indianapolis? The policy on requesting roommates varies by university, but it's worth checking with National American University-Indianapolis's student housing office to see if they allow students to request specific roommates. Keep in mind that even if you can request a roommate, it's important to take the time to get to know them and ensure that you're both a good fit for each other's living habits and personalities.