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Question: What qualities should I look for in a potential roommate at Parisian Spa Institute? You should look for a potential roommate who shares similar ideals and is respectful of your personal space. They should also have good communication skills, a positive attitude, and be able to keep a clean living space. Question: How can I find a compatible roommate at Parisian Spa Institute? You can start by joining the Facebook group or other social media platform for Parisian Spa Institute students. Another option is to talk to your classmates or the school’s housing office to see if they have any leads on potential roommates. Question: Is it important to set ground rules when living with a roommate at Parisian Spa Institute? Yes, it is essential to establish rules and expectations early on to avoid potential conflicts in the future. You should discuss topics such as cleaning schedules, noise levels, sharing space, and visitors. Setting boundaries will help ensure a positive living experience for both you and your roommate at Parisian Spa Institute.