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What should I consider when looking for a roommate at Rasmussen College-Kansas? When searching for a roommate, it's important to consider compatibility in terms of lifestyle, habits, and study habits. You may want to discuss preferences for sleeping and studying hours, cleanliness, and sharing of communal spaces to ensure a harmonious living situation. How can I find someone who fits my preferences for a roommate at Rasmussen College-Kansas? One way is to utilize social media or school-sponsored roommate matching services to find potential roommates. Additionally, participating in campus events or joining clubs and groups can provide opportunities to meet individuals with similar interests and lifestyles. What steps should I take to ensure a positive living experience with my new roommate at Rasmussen College-Kansas? Open communication is key when living with a roommate. Set expectations early on and establish boundaries to prevent conflicts from arising. Taking the time to get to know each other and showing respect for each other's time and space can also go a long way towards building a positive relationship.