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What are some important qualities to look for in a Ravenscroft Beauty College roommate? It's important to find someone who is respectful of your space, schedule, and belongings, as well as someone who shares a similar level of cleanliness and noise preferences. Additionally, finding a roommate who is supportive of your goals and interests as a beauty college student can create a positive living environment. How can I gauge whether a potential roommate shares similar beauty college values and goals? You can start by discussing your reasons for attending Ravenscroft Beauty College and your aspirations in the beauty industry. This can give you a sense of whether your potential roommate is similarly invested in their education and passionate about their craft. Are there any resources at Ravenscroft Beauty College for finding compatible roommates? Yes, Ravenscroft Beauty College has a housing board where students can post roommate wanted ads or search for available housing options. Additionally, the student services office can provide advice and support for finding compatible living arrangements.