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Question: What should I consider when looking for a roommate at Regency Beauty Institute-Evansville? When searching for a roommate at Regency Beauty Institute-Evansville, consider their level of cleanliness, compatibility of schedules and study habits, and their overall lifestyle choices. Question: How can I ensure a good relationship with my roommate at Regency Beauty Institute-Evansville? To build a positive relationship with your Regency Beauty Institute-Evansville roommate, communicate openly and honestly about expectations and boundaries, respect each other's space and privacy, and be willing to compromise when necessary. Question: Should I room with someone from a different program at Regency Beauty Institute-Evansville? It depends on your individual needs and preferences. While rooming with someone in the same program at Regency Beauty Institute-Evansville may provide opportunities for networking and support, rooming with someone in a different program can broaden your social circle and introduce you to new experiences and perspectives.