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How important is it to find a roommate with similar academic goals at Ross Medical Education Center-Lansing? It can be highly beneficial to find a roommate who is also attending Ross Medical Education Center-Lansing, as you can share study tips, notes and practice with one another. However, if your academic goals don't perfectly align, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't get along or won't be good roommates. What are some personality traits to look for in a potential roommate at Ross Medical Education Center-Lansing? You should look for someone who is respectful, communicative and responsible. Being able to clearly communicate with your roommate will eliminate misunderstandings and foster a better living environment. Respect for each other's privacy, study time and personal space is also important. Additionally, finding a roommate who is responsible with their finances and housekeeping can make living together much easier. Should you consider living with a friend who is not attending Ross Medical Education Center-Lansing? While living with a friend can be a great experience, make sure that you consider your compatibility as roommates. It is important to find someone who is responsible, respectful and communicative, regardless of whether or not they are attending Ross Medical Education Center-Lansing. Remember that living with someone can put a strain on your friendship, so approach the discussion with honesty and clarity.