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Strayer University-Brickell Roommate FAQs

What are some important personal traits to look for in a roommate when attending Strayer University-Brickell? Some important personal traits to look for in a roommate include reliability, honesty, and good communication skills. Students at Strayer University-Brickell want to ensure that they can trust their roommate to pay bills on time and be responsible with shared living spaces. How should proximity to Strayer University-Brickell be factored into a roommate search? While proximity to the university may be important for some students, it should not be the only factor to consider when searching for a roommate. Other factors such as compatibility in personality, cleanliness, and lifestyle should also be taken into account. How can students at Strayer University-Brickell ensure that they find a roommate who shares their study habits? Students at Strayer University-Brickell can ask potential roommates about their study habits, as well as their preferences for music, noise, and socializing. They may also consider setting up a trial period to see if they can work and study well together before committing to a long-term living arrangement.