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ASU Honors Roommate FAQs

What are some personality traits to look for in a potential Honors College roommate at Arizona State University? Honors College students oftentimes share a passion for academic growth, so it may be helpful to seek out a roommate who shares similar academic interests and goals. Additionally, finding someone who is respectful, open-minded, and communicates effectively can make for a successful living situation in the Honors College. How can I ensure a healthy living environment with my Honors College roommate at Arizona State University? Communication and setting clear boundaries can help establish a healthy living environment with your Honors College roommate. Before moving in, discuss expectations for cleanliness, noise levels, and guests. It may also be helpful to establish a system for resolving conflicts as they arise. Are there any resources available at Arizona State University's Honors College to help find a compatible roommate? While there are no specific resources provided by the Honors College for finding a roommate, Honors students can connect with each other through various student organizations and events. Additionally, the University offers a roommate matching service through the Housing Portal that can be helpful in finding a compatible match.