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Babson Roommate FAQs

What are some qualities to look for in a Babson College roommate? When looking for a Babson College roommate, it’s important to consider their communication skills, cleanliness habits, and daily routine. You’ll want to find someone who you can easily speak with if any issues arise, and who shares a similar approach to keeping shared spaces neat and tidy. Additionally, finding someone who has a similar schedule and doesn’t disrupt your study habits is key. Should I look for a roommate who shares the same interests and activities as me at Babson College? While it’s always great to have similar interests and activities with your Babson College roommate, it’s not the most important factor. It’s possible to have completely different interests and still get along great as roommates. Instead, focus on finding someone who respects your space and is reliable when it comes to bills and cleaning responsibilities. Should I live with someone I’m already friends with at Babson College, or should I seek out a new roommate? Living with a friend at Babson College could be a great option, but it’s important to remember that living together is a whole different dynamic. Before making a decision, sit down with your friend and have a serious conversation about expectations and boundaries. Additionally, seeking out a new roommate can be a chance to expand your social circle at Babson College and meet new people.