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What kind of characteristics should I look for in a potential roommate at Cisco College? It's important to find someone who shares similar values and lifestyles as you do. A good roommate should also be someone who is respectful, responsible, and easy to communicate with. How can I ensure that I have a positive living experience with my Cisco College roommate? One way to ensure a positive living experience is to establish clear guidelines and expectations from the beginning. This includes setting boundaries, discussing cleaning schedules, and sharing communal space. Communication is key to a successful roommate relationship. What resources are available at Cisco College if I am having roommate-related issues? Cisco College offers a variety of resources to students who are experiencing difficulties with their roommates. This includes resident advisors who are trained to address such issues, as well as counseling services for students who may be struggling with the situation. The Dean of Students office is also available to assist with any concerns and offer guidance.