5 Benefits of Good Roommates

By Alicia Geigel

Having a roommate is an essential standard of the college experience; it’s part of what sets college apart from any other kind of traditional schooling. For many students, living with a roommate is a wonderful experience that turns once acquaintances into lifelong friends. College is stressful enough when having to deal with the pressures and responsibilities of school, work, internships, etc. on your own, which is why having a roommate can be so great. Outside of the companionship that a roommate (or roommates) bring, there are several other benefits to having roommates, and good ones at that.

Are you a college student in need of finding a good roommate? Unsure of where to find the perfect roommate for your situation? Unsure of what qualities to look for or what the benefits are of having a good roommate? Here are five benefits of having a roommate, which will steer you in the right direction and how to potentially avoid problems when moving in together!

Student Roommates: 5 Benefits of Good Roommates

1. Lower Rent Costs: The cost of living today is significantly higher than it was 10 years ago, let alone 50. Due to this increase in the cost of essentials like housing and tuition, many millennials and students are cutting costs by living with roommates, instead of purchasing a home of their own. On a national scale, the percentage of 18-34-year-olds living with at least one roommate has increased over 2% between 2005 and 2015, while the percentage of the same age group living with parents has increased by 8%. This trend in economic hardship makes having roommates a huge benefit, as it cuts rent costs. If you live in an apartment with two or more people, splitting the rent and utility costs into thirds or fourths can make your costs of living both comfortable and affordable. While living with others is an added plus for lowering rent costs, be sure to responsibly keep up with bills to avoid any kind of money-related trouble in the future. To make splitting bills easier, put together a chart or spreadsheet of expenses that each person owes to organize payments and keep track of who pays what.
2. Sharing of Chores: Let’s be real, no one truly likes doing chores (unless you’re like me and sometimes like cleaning to de-stress). While you might be able to get away with not doing chores at home, when you live with roommates, your lack of tidying up in the house can definitely add up. If attempting to tackle cleaning a home or apartment by yourself is overwhelming to you, having roommates to help share the responsibility is a great plus. Before you even move in with your future roommates, however, it’s important to establish some basic, ground rules of living so you don’t find yourself in an unfair living situation. These rules can be simple and include alternating who takes out the trash every week, who cooks dinner on certain weekday nights, who washes dishes after dinner, who vacuums on weekends, etc.
3. Mutual Safety: Living on your own, especially if you are used to living at home with parents or family, can be uneasy and scary. Every creak and noise you hear in your new home can alert you and put you on edge. Though most of these noises are irrational fears, there is still always a risk of something happening when you live on your own. Having the constant company of others around can put your mind at ease and create a safer living space for everyone. More people means more ears and eyes to be alert for something unusual, and more defense if something does become threatening.
4. Sharing of Furniture/Home Goods: As stated earlier, the cost of living today is significantly higher than it was years ago. It’s not only rent and tuition costs that are higher, either. The costs of goods, such as furniture and home essentials have also gone up 1.3% just between the months of May and June of 2021. While this doesn’t seem like a huge jump, it’s the largest monthly increase in goods of this sort since 1976. Sharing furniture and home goods is another added benefit of having roommates, as splitting the costs of furnishing your home can make large purchases much more affordable. Just be sure to set up arrangements regarding who gets what if and when you go your separate ways.
5. Companionship: An obvious but notable benefit of having roommates is the companionship that one can bring to your life. Among the stressors of everyday life, things can be hard on your mental health and leave you feeling isolated, depressed, anxious, and more. The added companionship of roommates can give you comfort during these times, and ultimately lift your spirits while creating lifelong friendships.

While living with roommates can sometimes be a challenge, there are many benefits to sharing a space with other people, such as lowering your rent costs, sharing chores, and companionship!

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