Advice For The Recent Graduate On Finding Roommates

By Kaitlin Hurtado

While in college, living with roommates is a common situation for just about anyone you ask. Whether it’s out of convenience or the need to save on rent and living expenses, college students will often have at least one roommate at one point or another. As a recent graduate, you may have previously dreamed of moving out on your own and getting a space you can afford with your new career. However, many recent graduates find themselves still seeking out roommates after college. Unfortunately, many also find it more difficult to find roommates after college than it was while they were inc college.

In college, you have the benefit of a large population of people your age searching for roommates in a smaller location – your chances of finding the right roommate are higher than if you were searching for one randomly. After college, especially if you are relocating to an entirely new area, you may find yourself struggling to connect with potential roommates.
Keep reading for advice for finding roommates as a recent graduate.

College Roommates: Advice For The Recent Graduate On Finding Roommates

Figure out your roommate priorities
In college, you may have been pretty lax with what you wanted as a roommate – they could be loud or quiet, have a completely different schedule than you, and so on. After college, you may want to look for a more quiet roommate who can cohabitate peacefully. Prior to your roommate search, figure out what you are looking for in a roommate.

Ask friends
If you are a recent graduate needing a roommate, you are not the only recent graduate needing a roommate. While your friends may not be looking for roommates, their friends may find themselves looking for a roommate. As you search for roommates, ask around your friend circles, as they are more likely to know people of a similar age that are also looking for roommates.

Plus, if you are getting connections from your friend, they likely are given the “ok” by your friend and they likely also believe you and the potential roommate could be a good fit for each other.

Try to get to know them
In college, you may have the benefit of knowing your roommates prior to moving in. If you elected to live with friends, coworkers, or classmates, you likely had a general idea of who your roommates were and what to expect. Of course, you get to know someone on an entirely different level after becoming roommates with them, but knowing them personally at least a little can help you feel more comfortable than living with a complete stranger.

As a recent graduate, you may find yourself looking at a complete stranger as a potential roommate. Rather than going into it blind, make an attempt to get to know the potential if you have the time to do so. If you’re pinched for time in finding a roommate, you may not be this lucky, but if you have a bit more leeway, schedule a lunch or two to get to know your potential roommate. You can’t get to know everything about them in just two or three chats, but you can build a relationship prior to move-in to get the both of you more comfortable and familiar with one another.

Set expectations
In college, you likely roomed with college students that had similar lifestyles to you. Classes during the day, studying on and off, attending parties or nights out, or hosting nights in. This type of activity was typical for a college student. As a recent graduate, you and your roommates are more likely to have conflicting interests and lifestyles.

One roommate may be a workaholic, bring their work home and opt for quiet nights in. However, you may have a more flexible job, allowing you to choose your own hours, be out and about, and have friends over late on weekdays as an early morning in the office can be avoided. Without proper communication, these two lifestyles can lead to roommate clashes. As a recent graduate, set expectations about your living quarters and what you want out of the space.

Some college graduates are immediately ready to jump into a calm, settled-down life as they settle into a new career. Other recent graduates opt to live it up in life after college. For some, this can mean going out often to hit the bat, but for others, this can mean continuing to host guests at any and all times possible if that’s how they were in college. Whatever the case may be, make sure you and your roommates are on similar pages to minimize potential clashes regarding your lifestyles.

Searching for a roommate after graduating college may seem like an impossible feat, but give it time. It may not be the instant connection you are looking for, but with proper time and care, you can find roommates for your new living situation.

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