Roommate Tips For Students Transferring Schools

By Kaitlin Hurtado

Most college students that have had to live with roommates during their college years can attest to the fact that at one point or another, their roommates have caused some form of stress. Unfortunately for many college students, the stress can start as early as the search for roommates to fill an apartment. Some college students are lucky enough to find roommates quickly and keep the same roommate situation for the entirety of their college experience, however, many college students can experience several roommate changes in as little as four years.

Finding roommates can be difficult in itself, but if you are a transfer student, you can face even more challenges in your roommate search. If you are a transfer student in need of a roommate, keep reading for roommate tips to keep in mind.

Roommate Tips: Roommate Tips For Students Transferring Schools

Join student groups for the college you are transferring to
If you are transferring colleges, you likely are moving to an unfamiliar campus and likely will not know many people that can be your potential roommate. While this can limit the number of interactions you have with potential roommates that you would have if you lived in close proximity to the campus, you can still network with current students on the internet.

Look for student groups on Facebook you can join, colleges will have a variety of student-run pages, from ones focused on general news and announcements to ones centered around housing opportunities and roommate postings. Joining these groups can get you connected with potential roommates regardless of your current location.

Network with fellow transfer students
You are not the only transfer student looking for roommates and you should absolutely use any transfer student networking to your advantage when searching for roommates.
If you do end up living with transfer students as roommates, you also have the advantage of a built-in support system as they understand your unique college experience of coming in as a transfer student. This can be especially helpful if you are transferring later in your college experience as you don’t have the benefit of getting the usual welcome experience freshmen get at the beginning of their college experience.
With fellow transfer students, you can help each other explore campus and get used to your new environment together.

Use roommate-matching websites
If you are not getting anywhere with Facebook groups for your college campus, there are websites specifically designed to help college students match up with potential roommates, such as Roomsurf. With Roomsurf, all you need to do is create an account, complete the roommate matching quiz (around 20 questions), and then review your matches for potential roommates.

As a transfer student, websites like Roomsurf can eliminate a lot of the time-consuming legwork that comes with searching for a roommate on your own. While you can scour Facebook groups for potential roommates, you likely aren’t getting to see if you and a potential roommate is compatible via a Facebook post. Roomsurf will take compatibility in mind when matching you up to potential roommates, saving you plenty of time and headaches.

Matches are based on how you and a potential roommate answer questions. You will answer a question and also answer how you wish a roommate would respond to the question. You will apply a weight to the importance of the issue, and match percentages will be based on your personal sensitivity to the question. You can review your match’s answers to the same questions via the “Compare Us” tab to get a clearer picture of your compatibility.

On-campus housing for roommate matchups
If you feel like you are not getting anywhere during your roommate and housing search as a transfer student, consider on-campus housing if it’s an option available to you. On-campus housing, while not desired by some college students, can be extremely helpful to you as a transfer student. Your roommates will more than likely be randomly assigned, but roommate preferences are often taken into consideration when assigning roommates.

On-campus housing can help you feel more at ease as it will be one less thing to worry about, and it can help you get used to your new campus. Dorming for freshmen students is encouraged for a reason – living on campus will have you interacting with the campus community on a regular basis, and will help you settle in as a transfer student.

Transferring colleges can be a daunting task in itself, and finding roommates as a transfer student can be even more challenging for most. With these tips in mind, you can expand your options and help yourself complete your roommate search successfully – good luck!

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