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DSC Roommate FAQs

What traits should I look for in a roommate at Daytona State College? It's important to find a roommate who is respectful, responsible, and easy to communicate with. Make sure to ask about their daily routine, study habits, and any potential concerns you may have before finalizing your decision. Additionally, consider finding a roommate who shares similar interests or hobbies as you to establish a good relationship right from the start. How can I ensure my safety when living with a roommate at Daytona State College? Safety should be a top priority when selecting a roommate. Seek someone who respects your privacy and personal boundaries, and who will not bring hazardous or illegal substances into your living environment. You can also take advantage of the resources provided by Daytona State College such as campus security and safety workshops. What should I do if conflicts arise with my roommate while living at Daytona State College? Communication is key to resolving roommate conflicts. Be willing to listen and compromise to find a mutually agreeable solution. If necessary, you may seek mediation services from your resident advisor or other staff members at Daytona State College to help facilitate a resolution. Remember, living with a roommate is a learning experience, and with patience and understanding, you can build a positive and supportive living environment.