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ISU Roommate FAQs

What personality traits should I look for in a potential Illinois State University roommate? It's important to find someone who is compatible with your living style and preferences. Look for qualities such as cleanliness, communication skills, and respect for your personal space. You can also use ISU's roommate matching questionnaire to help find someone who shares similar interests and lifestyles. How can I ensure my safety when choosing a roommate at Illinois State University? ISU's Office of Residence Life provides resources for students to learn how to assess potential roommates and avoid unsafe situations. It's recommended to ask for references and conduct a background check before committing to living with a new roommate. Additionally, always trust your instincts and have a plan in case of emergency. What should I discuss with my Illinois State University roommate before moving in together? Communication is key in any roommate situation, so it's important to set expectations and establish ground rules before moving in. Discuss things like cleaning schedules, quiet hours, and visitor policies to avoid conflicts down the line. ISU also offers a roommate agreement form to help facilitate these conversations and provide a written record of any agreements made.